Do you want to be among the few that knows the latest MTN data plan code in 2024? if yes, then get N200 for 1GB tariff without delay now.

MTN Nigeria offers a spectrum of data plans that cater to various user needs. Firstly, for those requiring quick internet access without long-term commitments, the daily and weekly plans are ideal.

To begin with, MTN offers a range of plans, each MTN data plan designed for different needs. From this point, you can find everything from short-term hourly plans to more extensive monthly options.

Choosing the Right MTN Data Plan

The choice depends on your internet habits. Initially, consider whether you browse daily. Alternatively, do you need a more extensive plan for work or entertainment? Consequently, MTN’s variety ensures there’s a plan for every lifestyle.

Hourly Plans: Instant Internet Access

Firstly, for those in need of quick, short-term internet, MTN offers hourly plans.

  • 2GB for ₦200, valid for 1 hour.

Daily Plans: Day-to-Day Connectivity

Subsequently, MTN data plan for daily subscription is great for regular, everyday internet usage.

  • 40MB for ₦50, valid for 24 hours.
  • 1GB for ₦350, also valid for 24 hours.

Weekly Plans: Balancing Duration and Data

Thirdly, weekly plans strike a balance between validity period and data volume. You can instantly get the 2024 MTN data plan if you want to sub for a week only.

  • 350MB for ₦350, valid for 7 days.
  • 1GB for ₦600, valid for 14 days.

Monthly Plans: Steady Internet Use

Moreover, for those who require internet throughout the month, MTN’s monthly plans are ideal.

  • 10GB for ₦3,500, valid for 30 days.

Special 4G/5G Plans: For High-Speed Needs

Additionally, MTN provides special 4G and 5G plans for users who need faster internet for activities like streaming and gaming.


Extensive Data Solutions

MTN provides yearly plans, perfect for users seeking uninterrupted, long-term data services.

Data Volume Price (₦) Code Validity
100GB 60,000 ‘118″ to 312 1 Year
200GB 100,000 ‘111’ to 312 1 Year

Family Pack Bundles and Data Referral Services

The 2024 MTN data plan for family pack bundle facilitates data sharing within the family. Referral service rewards with bonuses for both referrer and referee.

GoodyBag Social and Data Share & Gifting Options

Affordable GoodyBag Social plans specifically for social media platforms. Data Share and Gifting allow for generous data sharing among peers.

Diverse MTN Data Plan Options

Here you will find all the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly mtn data plans, the exert ammont, and the codes you can dial straight away to top up your data right away.

  • Hourly Plans: Initially, these offer quick, temporary internet access.
  • Daily Plans: Next, these are convenient for everyday online activities.
  • Weekly Plans: Furthermore, they provide a blend of affordability and longer access.
  • Monthly Plans: Finally, these are ideal for regular, heavy internet use.

MTN Hourly Data Plans

Data Amount Price (₦) USSD Subscription Code
2GB 200 Text “126” to 312
5GB 500 Text “127” to 312
10GB 1,000 Text “128” to 312

MTN Daily Data Plans

Data Amount Price (₦) USSD Subscription Code
40MB 50 Text “114” to 312
100MB 100 Text “104” to 312
1GB + 3 Mins 350 Text “155” to 312
1.5GB 400 Text “199” to 312
2.5GB 500 Available on myMTN NG App

Weekly Data Plans

Data Amount Price (₦) USSD Subscription Code
350MB + 3 Mins 350 Text “102” to 312
600MB + 3 Mins 500 Text “103” to 312
750MB 500 Text “750” to 312
1GB + 5 Mins 600 Text “142” to 312
1.5GB + 10 Mins 1,000 Text “105” to 312
5GB 1,500 Text “143” to 312
7GB 2,000 Text “181” to 312

MTN Monthly Data Plans

Data Amount + Benefits Price (₦) USSD Subscription Code
1.2GB + 5MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube 1,000 Text “106” to 312
1.5GB + 5MINS, + 3-Hour YouTube weekly 1,200 Text “130” to 312
3GB + 5MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube 1,600 Text “131” to 312
4GB + 10MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube 2,000 Text “110” to 312
8GB + 15MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube 3,000 Text “147” to 312
200GB 30,000 Text ‘111’ to 312

How to Check Your MTN Data Plan Balance using Code

If you wish to check how much data you have left, you can. All you need to check your MTN data plan subscription balance is to dial the balance checking code for mtn.

  • Easily monitor data balance through USSD or the MTN app.
  • Checking Data Balance:
    • Dial 1314# or use the app for an up-to-date data summary.

Tips for MTN Data Users

Efficiently using your data can go a long way to ensure you have data to browse the internet any time you so desire.

    • Firstly, monitor your MTN data plan data usage closely to stay informed.
    • Secondly, use data-saving modes in apps and browsers to conserve data.
    • Thirdly, connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to reduce cellular data usage.

Getting the Most Out of the Plans

    • Additionally, take advantage of MTN’s special offers and bonuses for more benefits.
    • Also, look out for seasonal promotions to get extra value for your money while subscribing to any MTN data plans of your choice..

Data Gifting and Sharing with MTN

Keeping Everyone Connected

    • Furthermore, share data with friends and family using MTN’s gifting options, which is useful for ensuring your loved ones are always online.

Managing Data Subscriptions on MTN

Keeping Track of Your Plans

    • Moreover, regularly check your MTN data plan balance through the MTN app to stay on top of your usage.
    • This helps you stay informed about your usage and avoid overages.

If you encounter any change while trying to subscribe using the latest mtn data plan codes, then you can leave a comment below right away.


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