Do you want to see how to link NIN to MTN in 2024? if yes, then check out this easy sms, and code guide even if you’re being blocked.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says so. All MTN customers need to do this. Why? To keep using their phone lines without problems. This step is key for security and knowing who uses each SIM card​​.

Understanding NIN’s Role

Your NIN is a unique 11-digit number. It’s yours forever and even after. This shows it’s lasting importance​​. Learning how to link NIN to MTN and  linking your NIN to your MTN line is not just following a rule. It’s about making Nigeria safer and keeping your phone service active​​.

Getting Ready to Link

First, you need your NIN. No NIN yet? Don’t worry! It’s easy to get. Just visit a NIMC center with an ID like a driver’s license. They’ll help with the form and take your fingerprints and photo. Then, you get your NIN. Now, you’re all set to see how to link NIN to MTN using sms, code or via the mtn mobile app.


Preparing to Link NIN to MTN: What You Need

Before You Start

To link your NIN to MTN, gather these essentials:

  1. Your MTN Number: The phone number you’re linking.
  2. Full Name: The name you used when you got your MTN SIM.
  3. NIN Number: Your unique identity number.
  4. Email Address: For updates from MTN.

Essentials for Linking NIN to MTN

What You Need Why It’s Needed
MTN Number Your phone number
Full Name The name on your MTN account
NIN Number To identify you in the system
Email Address For notifications from MTN

Finding Your NIN

Lost your NIN? No problem. Here’s how to get it back:

  1. Dial the Code: On your MTN phone, punch in *346#.
  2. Select ‘1’: This retrieves your NIN.
  3. Note Down Your NIN: Write it down or snap a screenshot.

Heads-up: This USSD check costs N20.

Retrieving Your NIN

Step What to Do
Dial *346# Use your MTN phone for the USSD code
Select ‘1’ To get your NIN displayed
Note Your NIN Jot it down or take a screenshot

Step by Step Guide on How to Link NIN to MTN

Before starting, make sure you have these:

  • MTN Number: The number you’re linking.
  • Full Name: As registered with MTN.
  • NIN Number: Your unique identification number.
  • Email Address: For confirmation messages.

Preparation Checklist

Requirement Description
MTN Number Your active MTN mobile number
Full Name The name registered with your MTN number
NIN Number Your National Identification Number
Email Address To receive updates and confirmations

Step-by-Step Guide

Using MTN NIN Portal

    • Visit the MTN Online NIN Portal.
    • Fill in your details: MTN number and NIN.
    • Submit and wait for confirmation.

Via USSD Code

If you want to see how to link NIN to MTN using ussd code, then follow the steps below.

    • Dial *785# on your MTN line.
    • Input your NIN when prompted.
    • Await confirmation message from MTN.

Using the MyMTN App

    • Download and open ‘MyMTN’ app.
    • Log in with your MTN number.
    • Find NIN linking section, enter your NIN, and submit.

Via NIMC Mobile App

    • Download ‘MWS: NIMC MobileID’ app.
    • Enter your NIN and MTN number.
    • Create a 6-digit security PIN.
    • Use ‘LINK MY NUMBERS’ option for your MTN line.

In-Person at MTN Stores

    • Visit your nearest MTN store.
    • Provide your NIN and a valid ID.
    • Get assistance to link your NIN.

How to link NIN to MTN Using SMS Method

    • Send a text message with ‘NIN‘ followed by your 11-digit NIN to 785.

Linking Methods Overview

Method Action Steps
MTN NIN Portal Visit portal, enter details, submit
USSD Code Dial *785#, enter NIN, confirm
MyMTN App Download app, log in, enter NIN, submit
NIMC Mobile App Download app, enter details, link numbers
In-Person Visit MTN store, provide NIN and ID
SMS Method Text ‘NIN’ followed by your NIN to 785

If you face challenges using this guide on how to link NIN to MTN today, kindly leave a comment below okay.


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