Do you want to see how to hide number on MTN Nigeria today? if yes, this guide is for you. Today, you will see how to keep your phone number secret while calling someone.

In today’s world, keeping your phone number hidden can be crucial. For MTN users, understanding how to hide number on MTN is key. This easy guide will show you various ways to make sure your number stays private when making calls.

Why you need to know how to hide number on MTN Nigeria?

  • Privacy Matters: We all value our privacy. Sometimes, when calling unknown numbers, it’s better to keep our identity hidden.
  • Avoiding Callbacks: Often, after specific calls, we might not want to receive return calls. Here’s where knowing how to hide number on MTN is useful.
  • For Safety: Occasionally, for security reasons, making a call without revealing our number is necessary.


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Simple Steps on how to hide number on MTN

n today’s world, keeping your number private is sometimes necessary. For MTN users, knowing how to hide number on MTN is incredibly useful. This guide will walk you through several easy methods to ensure your number remains hidden when you need it to.

Using USSD Codes Firstly, USSD codes are a handy way to achieve privacy.

  • For Every Call: Just dial *31# to hide your number for all your calls. This action ensures your number remains unseen.
  • For One Call: Want to see how to hide number on MTN for a single call? It’s easy. Just add #31# before the number you are calling. This method will hide your number only for that call.

USSD Codes for Privacy

When to Use USSD Code What It Does
All Calls *31# Hides your number
One Call #31# + Number Hides number for that call

Adjusting Phone Settings Another method on how to hide number on MTN Nigeria is through your phone settings.

  • For Android Users:
    • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Call Settings’.
    • Find ‘Caller ID’ and select ‘Hide Number’.
  • For iOS Users:
    • Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Phone’.
    • Click on ‘Show My Caller ID’ and toggle it off.

Adjusting Phone Settings

Phone Type Steps Outcome
Android Settings > Call Settings > Caller ID Number is hidden
iOS Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID Number is hidden

Contacting MTN Customer Care Sometimes, you might need to reach out to MTN directly.

  • Asking for Help: Call MTN customer care to request your number be hidden.
  • Potential Fees: Keep in mind, there might be some fees or steps to verify your identity.

How to Hide Number on MTN: Permanent vs Temporary Solutions

For MTN users, learning how to hide number on MTN is key for maintaining privacy. Let’s explore how you can keep your number hidden, either permanently or just for a single call.

Permanent Number Hiding on MTN If you’re looking to always keep your number hidden, MTN has got you covered.

  • USSD Code Method: Simply dial *31# on your MTN line. This ensures your number stays hidden for all calls.
  • Adjusting Phone Settings:
    • For Android Users: Head to ‘Settings’, find ‘Call Settings’, then ‘Caller ID’, and choose ‘Hide Number’.
    • For iOS Users: Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Phone’, tap ‘Show My Caller ID’, and turn it off.

Permanent Hiding Methods

Method Steps Effect
USSD Code Dial *31# Number always hidden
Android Settings Settings > Call Settings > Caller ID Number always hidden
iOS Settings Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID Number always hidden

Temporary Number Hiding for Specific Calls There are times when you might need to hide your number just for one call.

  • Using USSD Codes: Before making the call, enter #31#. For example, dial #31#08012345678 to hide your number for that specific call.

Temporary Hiding for One Call

Action USSD Code Outcome
Hide for a Single Call #31# + Number Number hidden for that call

When to Use Each Method Choosing between permanent and temporary hiding depends on your needs.

  • Permanent Hiding: Best for those who value consistent privacy across all calls.
  • Temporary Hiding: Ideal for occasional privacy, such as during confidential calls.

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